Baby/Toddler laughter

What makes your baby/toddler laugh? For my 15 month old, other than the standard ‘tickling’, funny songs and funny dances do the trick. Yes, sing an original song or a composed one in a funny way and my son laughs so hard that you wonder if there is something else making him laugh. Same goes for funny dance. Dance funny and you’ve got him giggling. 

What does your baby or toddler do that make you laugh? Well for me, it’s his dance! He dances the same way to any music at all. Sometimes dancing to people’s discussion, lol! He just loves to dance. He also loves singing! I find his singing thrilling and funny. Especially when he thinks there’s no one watching or listening to him. It is hilarious and tickles me!

What a co-incidence that the same things get us laughing? Singing and dancing. We just love each other and love the same things!

So back to my question, what makes your child laugh?

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