Bobo’s first day at school

  My baby’s first day at school is supposed to be his first day at school but turned out to be pretty much mine as I couldn’t even get much sleep the night before. Hubby and I had checked out different schools and finally selected this particular one. So the morning of his first day at school came and I got him ready and reminded him that he was going to school (he had been saying ‘go to school’ for a while). I was so so excited. Anyway, we got to the school and into his classroom- mustard seed class- that we had been shown when we checked out the school and we got in. My honest expectation for the first day at school was tears, tears and more tears because he had been with just me and his dad for 2 and half years but he surprised me. He just kept pointing and identifying items on the pictures around. ‘Zebra’, ‘elephant’, ‘green’, ‘car’, ‘number 8’ and so forth. Even the teachers and the assistants were impressed. He went on and on moving around from one toy to the other and we took some pictures and videos while doing so. We left the classroom with a happy child in there, our child.   And when I went to pick him from school later in the day, I became a star, a superstar. As I walked towards the playground where all the children were, I heard my son’s teacher say to the other moms around ‘here comes the mother’ and they turned around with smiles on their faces. I kept wondering what was up as I walked towards them. When I got there, they all kept praising me and asking how I did it. They were all amazed all-time how much my son knew: colors, numbers, alphabets, animals, fruits and to top it off, he could spell his name! I was beaming with pride that all my hardwork paid off! Not hardwork as such because we learned through play most of the time but I put in a good amount of effort and persistence in teaching him.   My question is, how was the first day at school for your child/children. At what age did they start? How did you feel about it? How did the teachers make it easier? Truth be told, my son is in a new class with a new teacher and has been crying every morning. His crying seems to reduce each day and hopefully soon, he will adapt and adjust to his new teacher, new classroom and accept that change is inevitable  in life. I look forward to your comments 🙂

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