Diaper Story

Diaper Story When I found out that I was pregnant, I was excited! So much that I started dreaming about my baby boy. I knew he would be a boy even before the scan confirmed it at the five months check up. One thing I didn’t look forward to however, is the thought of changing diapers with poop in it! I just couldn’t imagine me doing that everyday. I spoke to my sister about it because at the time, she had three boys of her own. Her response to me was ‘you’ll be happy to see the poop’ and thought to myself, duh! Anyways, 15 months down the journey since my baby was born, I am happy to see poop! It confirms that he is healthy. It is not that bad after all. When I smell his stinky poop, I get his diaper, wipes and cream and do the job without thinking ewww. Of course sometimes, it smells so bad but I still tickle him during the change. So, to the moral of the story, things always seem so bad, terrible and even sometimes scary before you try it. But, when you do, you realize that it isn’t as bad as you presumed it would be.

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