Happy New Year

Hello, I hope you are well and keeping safe. Thank you for stopping by. Here is wishing you a wonderfully blessed new year. Despite all, we are still here.

Truth is, 2020 was a scary year and we hoped the virus would somehow disappear by the time we say “happy new year” however that is not the case. It was actually the first time we had to crossover into a new year with a 9pm curfew and were advised not to use fireworks and light a candle instead. Rules from level 3 lockdown that had to be put in place urgently as numbers kept increasing.

I am grateful that we are well, even though we all don’t feel 100%, I am glad we are all home, together with thankful hearts. My husband, a musician, saxophonist to be precise, released a music video today titled “Thank You Papa” which what we spent the whole day sharing on all our social media platforms.

See our message below for you as well:

🎊Happy New Year to you and your family. Join us to appreciate God with this new song titled

“Thank you Papa” 💃🕺

We pray 2021 will be a year of overflowing glory for us all.

Click here to watch the full video

I was the project manager for the production and it was such pleasure. We had a friend who graciously allowed us to use her and her husband’s home😇 I am super grateful that we had friends who were available to support and be a part of the music video.

Please watch and let me know what you think. Feel free to like share and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

I go back to work on Monday the 4th of January and really wish that I had another two weeks of holiday to rest and spend time with my children but what can I say, duty calls!

Keep well, stay hydrated, be happy, be kind, stay positive and laugh often. All will be well. I’ve got to go for now.

Have a wonderfully blessed 2021 I hope that we all reap positive outcomes to steps we have taken prior to now. Bye 👋

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