Hello August!

From a WhatsApp status

I’m so glad you’re here simply because I already feel blessed, renewed and reenergized!! I had been down and almost out for some months. Nothing even got me excited anymore. But guess what? I’m back and better!! I am thankful for life and so grateful for family/friends who stood by me.

First off, if you know someone who needs assistance or guidance in the process of studying abroad, feel free to reach out to me or recommend me. I’m kind, patient, resourceful, knowledgeable about each stage and I never give up. I will make sure you achieve that dream or goal of studying abroad as long as you have sufficient funds for your tuition, living expenses, visa and health insurance fees and travel costs.

So, just checking, do you have any plans for August? I do. To assist as many students as I can to go study abroad towards the end of this year and early next year. To work more on my blog. To beautify my website. To finish up and publish my two ebooks I’ve been working on. To start a YouTube channel. To spend more time with my husband and children. To try out affiliate marketing on this website and the list goes on!

Truth is, these have been most of my plans for a very long time but I am still trying to figure out how to work it all out somehow without overworking myself. If you are reading this and you have any ideas or tips that you think might be helpful, kindly reach out to me, I will appreciate it.

Back to my question to you, what are your plans for the new month? Make a list and try to achieve them. Pace yourself though. Take each day as it comes and treasure the gift of life and health. Keep safe. Keep well. Be happy as much as you can and be kind to others. Bye for now.

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