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If you are reading this, then it means you are on my blogspot and reading my very first post (well not first post for some, I realized I didn’t publish it)! So I say to you, welcome and thank you for stopping by.   She Finally Writes will mainly be an interactive blog where I will post my original articles that will hopefully lead to useful discussions as well as question and answer sessions.   The proper use of English is quite important to me therefore, I will post some articles that have to do with English language grammar. I will give some lessons and tips from time to time and I will also answer questions I get along the line.   I am also a loving wife and a caring mother. This means that this blog will also have posts with regards to helpful marriage and parenting tips that have worked for me. I believe these tips will also work for at least one other person than myself.   Finally, there will be posts about general experiences about living away from home. Home being either your country of nationality or a country where you lived for several years before relocating to where you are now. These will come from my experience of being away from home for seven years and those of friends from different countries that I’ve met whilst here, who are also away from home.   I am so excited and can’t wait to begin! I sincerely hope that this blog will make me happy that I finally decided to start writing and sharing my thoughts and life experiences. Once again, welcome to my blog. Thank you. Enjoy!!!

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