Hello May

Hello May, welcome!! May is special to me because it is my birth month! I was born on the 30th of May and always super grateful. Also, I have two siblings (we’re three women in total) and we were all born in May! Yes May. My mom was not intentional about giving birth to us all in May, it just happened that way. My younger sister was born on the 21st of May, my older sister on the 15th of May and then I was born on the 30th of May!!

I haven’t really ever celebrated my birthday as such so I’m hoping to do something this year no matter how small as it falls on a Sunday. Maybe a small get together if my finance allows that but it would really make me glad if I’m celebrated this year!!

Birthdays make us look back and reflect on how far we have come and also reflect on what we can do better in the following year. Right now, I’m grateful for my job, my side business, friends and family and most importantly my health!! My health has not been 100% but I still get up and push with the hope that I will be perfectly fine one day soon.

What are you happy for in this new month? Any special goals? New plans in the pipeline? Writing a book? Building a house? Relocating? Whatever it is, please go for it and believe that you can do it! For me, I’d like to try affiliate marketing and I’m currently taking some courses and trainings to help me get started. If you have any tips, please drop it in the comment section, I’ll be so grateful to read and learn from you! Thank you for stopping by and do have a wonderfully blessed now month of May!! Bye for now 👋

Happy birthday dear daughter from mom

Hi, I hope you are well and keeping safe. I am well and am super excited today because it is my daughter’s birthday! It feels like yesterday when she came into our lives. We are so grateful and know that we are blessed because she is such a great blessing.

Picture from my device

Here is a link to my birthing experience with her that I shared a few weeks ago, you can read here How JGirl was born~ Baby #2. Like I said in the post, I spent three weeks in hospital due to high level of protein in my urine and high blood pressure and extra swollen feet and face. It was not an easy experience but here we are today!!

She is hale and hearty. She is healthy, eats almost everything we offer her with two exceptions, eggs and cake. Yes, she doesn’t like cakes, we still tried it today from the carrot cake and red velvet cupcakes we had, she refused the slightest taste of it 😊 She loves singing and dancing. She has started speaking in sentences for example she says “don’t do that” or “let’s go outside” though she’s thriving with two word sentences. She is very helpful, gets a napkin when something spills and knows how to ask for her milk, clearly. She also knows how request for chocolate milk, calls it “kaka milk”.

Photo from my device

It is a new chapter for her and for us. A new chapter where she will speak more clearly thus expressing herself better. Already, she has a way of communicating with us. I remember on Saturday, I offered her a bottle of milk from her bottle and she tried to drink and shook her head, I thought she wanted kaka milk but she didn’t say it. I turned the milk into kaka milk with the same bottle but she still didn’t want it. She would try to drink and shake her head. So I thought to myself that she wasn’t really ready for it and I went back to what I was hen she came to me, gave her bottle to me and said “mummy, drink” and when I tried to suck from the bottle, nothing came out. Apparently, the bottle was blocked. I am still amazed at how we figured out a what to make me realize what was wrong. She is very intelligent and has a great level of understanding.

You are blessed my baby girl, you are for signs and wonders and your name will be great. We had a simple day, indoors. We took lots of pictures for memories and then we look forward to the next celebration. We are very grateful and really thankful for good health, everything else will fall into place with time.

Thank you for stopping by and for reading this quick post. Keep well, be safe, smile as much as you can and be kind, the world needs more of that. Bye for now 👋